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Shaving Commodore
  • Shaving Commodore
  • Shaving Commodore
  • Shaving Commodore
  • Shaving Commodore
Shaving Commodore - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

The StouderHouse Shaving Commodore takes command of all your shaving supplies.  

Our exclusive design includes a special notch for hanging your StouderHouse Shaving Brush.  These brushes are made from 100% badger hair for creating a rich lather.  Hanging your shaving brush after use protects the integrity of the bristles.

A razor cradle is incorporated into the top of the Commodore, providing a convenient resting place for your razor.  The cradle includes an additional thumb grip to suit a variety of hand sizes and to accommodate left- or right-handed users.

The grooved, elevated soap platform inside the Commodore ensures that your StouderHouse Shaving Soap dries quickly between uses and therefore increases the longevity of the soap.

Each StouderHouse Shaving Commodore is a unique work of art.

StouderHouse owner and founder, Stormy Stouder, worked closely with Ro Shaw, owner and founder of Ro Shaw Clay Studio in Salado, Texas, to perfect the functionality of the Commodore while preserving the unique qualities of each handcrafted piece.

Every Commodore bears the StouderHouse logo, designed by the owner's son, Dean Stouder, at age 14; a Handcrafted in Salado, Texas stamp; and artist and master potter Ro Shaw's signature.


*Razor, soap, and shaving brush are not included with the Commodore

*Each Commodore is unique and may not look like the one in the photos.