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Jewelweed Collection
  • Jewelweed Collection
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The History of Jewelweed:

Jewelweed has been used for centuries as a traditional Native American folk remedy for rashes and allergic reactions, particularly for poison ivy/oak/sumac or stinging nettle rash prevention and treatment. Jewelweed possesses anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties that may aid in both preventing the rash and treating an existing rash.

Jewelweed has also been used as a folk remedy for athlete’s foot and ringworm infections due to its anti-fungal properties. These infections are caused by the same fungus (there is no worm). The old-time remedy for fungus recommends treatment as frequently as possible each day and for at least 14 days after the last flare occurs.



Tips for dealing with poison ivy/oak/sumac:

Wash thoroughly immediately after exposure. Washing with any soap within 20 minutes of contact may prevent rash from occurring. If unable to wash, StouderHouse Jewel Spray may help mitigate the effects of the irritation. Once a rash has formed, ANY contact with it can spread the rash. It is easy to transfer the poison ivy/oak/sumac oils and cause others to develop a rash. It is important to allow the rash access to air. Do not cover it with bandages. Wash all clothing that comes in contact with the rash. Wash sheets and pajamas daily. Change bath towels and hand towels daily. Do not allow rash to have direct contact with upholstered furniture or car seat upholstery. Clean all leather and wood furniture that has been in contact with the rash. Treat the rash as frequently as possible. Continue to treat the rash until it is completely healed.


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Jewelweed Soap: saponified coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, kaolin clay, 100% pure therapeutic grade frankincense essential oil, comfrey root, and jewelweed

Jewel Balm: coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, pure sun-bleached beeswax, comfrey root, jewelweed, calendula, and a StouderHouse blend of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils

Jewel Spray: distilled water, jewelweed, comfrey leaf, 100% pure therapeutic grade frankincense essential oil