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Tinted Barrier Balm
  • Tinted Barrier Balm
  • Tinted Barrier Balm
  • Tinted Barrier Balm
  • Tinted Barrier Balm
  • Tinted Barrier Balm
  • Tinted Barrier Balm
Tinted Barrier Balm - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Handcrafted in small batches

Similar to our Barrier Balm but specifically formulated for the face. The tint seems dark, but it takes quite a bit of brown to counter the white of the zinc oxide. With careful application, it works well on almost all skin tones.

We use our Tinted Barrier Balm for sun protection, though the FDA won't allow us to call it sunscreen until we go through their expensive and time-consuming testing process. Created by Mama to protect our skin from the hot Texas sun while working, playing sports, and cooling off in the local rivers. We have also used it on vacation while enjoying winter sports to protect from the sun and wind.



Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil from Central Texas Olive Ranch, shea butter, 100% natural sun-bleached beeswax, pure non-nano sized zinc oxide,                     non-nano sized titanium dioxide, and iron oxide colors

*non-nano sized means the particles aren't small enough to be absorbed by the skin or small enough to reach the alveoli (the part of your lungs where oxygen exchange happens) when inhaled


Note: This product does NOT contain any chemical emulsifiers or stabilizers. In colder weather, the balm may become grainy feeling. This is a natural reaction of the oils to the cooler temperatures. The balm will melt when rubbed into the warmth of your skin.


We have samples!!



0.8 oz jar


We also have a regular Barrier Balm for use on the face or body:



How to apply StouderHouse Makeup for best results:

1. Cleanse your face with StouderHouse soap. We recommend Sunshine Mountain for most skin types.  If you have extremely sensitive skin, try our Baby Soap. If you have serious acne, try our Shaving Soap. If you do not need to wash with soap but are ready to apply makeup, try steaming your face with a hot washcloth.

2. While your face and fingers are still damp, apply a few drops of Day Serum & Primer and smooth it gently and evenly over your face and neck. Adjust the water to oil ratio to suit your daily needs: more oil will allow for thicker foundation powder coverage, less oil will allow for a lighter application.

3. Allow a few minutes for the beneficial oils to absorb.

4. Optional: If you would like more sun protection, apply Tinted Barrier Balm sparingly over your face and neck using a brush to dab it on and blend it with the Day Serum that has already been applied. We have a brush that works wonderfully for this (it's in our makeup brush set).

5. Optional: If you would like more coverage of problem areas, apply Mineral Concealer and blend gently.

6. After allowing the serum and optional balm and concealer to settle, use a large or kabuki style brush to dust Mineral Foundation Powder evenly over your face and neck.

7. Using a wide brush, apply our Mineral Blush Powder evenly to the apples and upper bones of your cheeks.

8. Eye options: Apply our Mineral Eyeliner (which can also be used to enhance eyebrows) if desired, then apply our Mineral Mascara (a minimum of 3 coats to help it last longer). Apply Mineral Shadow or Highlighter for a more dramatic effect.

9. Apply StouderHouse Tinted Lip Balm for natural color.


**This will hold all day unless you are swimming or running a marathon or some similar activity that involves lots of water or sweat, in which case you may just want to apply a thicker layer of the balm and skip the powder.