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Gods Plan -Simplified
  • Gods Plan -Simplified
  • Gods Plan -Simplified
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You can easily know the deep truths of God’s Word.

God’s Plan Simplified is designed to quickly and simply, yet thoroughly, bring you to a better understanding of God’s plan for humanity and your place in it.

In this book, the truths He has given to us are presented in a progressive Q&A format following a spiral learning structure in which each answer builds on knowledge gained from earlier answers. Because of this, the book should be read in order for maximum clarity. The progressive discussion covers Creation to Revelation and does not follow or promote any particular denomination or standardized belief system. GPS is meant to lead you straight to Him. Answers are based strictly on what is found in the Bible, with particular regard to the original text languages and historical context. Illustrations are included to enhance answers to questions.

Perfect for individual study or small groups – a Group Discussion Guide is included.

Understanding God’s plan is simple.
  • He has one theme – Love.
  • He has one desire – Family.
  • He has one plan – Freedom.

If you are being tossed about on the sea of loneliness, the sea of confusion, the sea of depression, the sea of defeat, the sea of searching, the sea of waiting – wherever you are, He has thrown you a lifesaver – a circle of love, family, and freedom. If you will accept it and hold fast to it, He will tow you to safety. He will take you to the place where there is no more sea. He will take you to The Happy End.

“Continue to ask, and God will give to you. Continue to search, and you will find. Continue to knock, and the door will open for you” (Matthew 7:7 ERV).


  • Black & white font and illustrations
  • Easy to read print
  • Lots of white space
  • 481 pages
  • Group Discussion Guide begins on page 423


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