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Mineral Mascara
  • Mineral Mascara
  • Mineral Mascara
  • Mineral Mascara
  • Mineral Mascara
  • Mineral Mascara
Mineral Mascara - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Perfect for natural looking enhancement! StouderHouse Mineral Mascara lasts all day and can easily be retouched. Handcrafted in small batches using our own recipe and the finest natural ingredients we can find. It will NOT make black streaks down your face in misty weather! Washes off easily in the shower.  

Tips: Store the tube in a horizontal position to enhance the mascara's workability. The mascara is a very gelatinous substance and may want to stick to itself in the tube rather than come out on the brush when you first begin to use a new tube. You will need to prime the brush in order to get the mascara to start wanting to come out of the tube. To do this, swirl the brush around touching the insides of the tube (high and low) to stir it and get it going. Your first use may be less than spectacular, but if the priming is well done, your second use should come much closer to meeting your expectations. For best results, apply three coats.


Ingredients: organic flax seed gel, kaolin clay, mineral oxide color, non-GMO vegetable glycerine, 100% pure sun-bleached beeswax, food-grade guar gum, witch hazel, grapefruit seed extract (GSE and vegetable glycerine - no preservatives), and 100% pure therapeutic grade lavender essential oil



We also have a set of 5 silicone mascara spoolers / wands for expert application. 


How to apply StouderHouse Makeup for best results:

1. Cleanse your face with StouderHouse soap.  We recommend Sunshine Mountain for most skin types.  If you have extremely sensitive skin, try our Baby Soap.  If you have serious acne, try our Shaving Soap. If you do not need to wash with soap but are ready to apply makeup, try steaming your face with a hot washcloth.

2. While your face and fingers are still damp, apply a few drops of Day Serum & Primer and smooth it gently and evenly over your face and neck.  Adjust the water to oil ratio to suit your daily needs:  more oil will allow for thicker foundation powder coverage, less oil will allow for a lighter application.

3. Allow a few minutes for the beneficial oils to absorb.

4. Optional:  If you would like more sun protection, apply Tinted Barrier Balm sparingly over your face and neck, blending it with the Day Serum that has already been applied.  We have a brush that works wonderfully for this (it's in our makeup brush set).

5. Optional:  If you would like more coverage of problem areas, apply Mineral Concealer and blend gently.

6. After allowing the serum and optional balm and concealer to settle, use a large or kabuki style brush to dust Mineral Foundation Powder evenly over your face and neck.

7. Using a wide brush, apply our Mineral Blush Powder evenly to the apples and upper bones of your cheeks.

8. Eye options:  Apply our Mineral Eyeliner (which can also be used to enhance eyebrows) if desired, then apply our Mineral Mascara (a minimum of 3 coats to help it last longer).  Apply Mineral Shadow or Highlighter for a more dramatic effect.

9. Apply StouderHouse Tinted Lip Balm for natural color.


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