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Soothing Mask Powder
  • Soothing Mask Powder
  • Soothing Mask Powder
  • Soothing Mask Powder
Soothing Mask Powder - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

This -UNSCENTED- mask is soothing due to the oats and buttermilk in the formula. It also detoxifies your skin. The positively charged toxins in your skin are pulled out by the negatively charged clay in this mask. Apply to your skin and allow to dry for 5 to 20 minutes. Wash gently with warm water.

Ingredients: bentonite clay, oats, buttermilk powder

Directions: Mix 1 teaspoon of mask powder with a total of 1 teaspoon of your desired liquid(s) - (suggestions: apple cider vinegar, herbal tea, water, lemon juice). Do not use a metal bowl or spoon. We also have small porcelain dishes with wooden spoons available.

There is enough powder in each package to make a dozen face masks.

Use regularly on your face and underarms to remove absorbed toxins. Regular underarm detoxification will improve the performance of natural deodorant.

1.5 oz bag makes 12 masks



The key to treating acne is to never allow sweat to stay on your face.  Wash with soap EVERY time you sweat.  At a minimum, wash your face morning and night.  Yes, your diet counts, too. Drink plenty of water – try adding a teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar to help your body detoxify.

Use one of our detoxifying soaps:   

-  Shaving Soap is the best due to the essential oils used and the generous dose of bentonite clay it contains.

-  Sunshine Mountain Soap has beneficial essential oils and bentonite clay as well as finely ground pumice for a bit of a scrub.

-  Blue Shampoo contains bentonite clay and has tea tree essential oil for its beneficial medicinal qualities.  Blue Shampoo is NOT moisturizing and may cause dryness with twice daily use.

-  Hunting & Fishing Soap is made with activated charcoal.  The anise essential oil scent smells like licorice.

-  Honey Oat Milk Soap has bentonite clay, local honey (antibacterial & holds in moisture), finely ground oats (gentle scrubbing), and goat’s milk (great for skin due to vitamins, etc).

-  Peppermint Snow Soap contains kaolin clay.  The peppermint essential oil helps shrink pore size and tighten skin.

-  Tea Tree Mint Soap has bentonite clay and tea tree, as well as mint to tighten the pores.  It also contains poppy seeds which can scratch delicate skin.  If needed, rub it on a washcloth and pick the poppy seeds off before using on your face.

-  Yogi Soap has a super dose of activated charcoal, but it also contains coarse black pepper which can scratch delicate skin.  If needed, rub it on a washcloth and pick the peppercorns off before using on your face.


We also have 4 detoxifying face masks.  Refreshing Mask tightens pores with the power of peppermint leaves and essential oil, but the Activated Charcoal Mask is probably best if you’re fighting acne, as it contains both bentonite clay and activated charcoal.  We also have a Soothing Mask made with oats and buttermilk, and a Brightening Mask with citrus oils and kaolin clay.  Use 2 - 3 times per week.

Why DETOX?  

Toxins are absorbed by our bodies, our skin, every day.  There are toxins in food, the air, the detergent residue in our clothing, lotions, sunscreens, colognes, anti-perspirants, etc.  To help combat these positively charged toxins, we can wet negatively charged bentonite clay or activated charcoal and apply it to our skin.  The positively charged toxins will be attracted to the negatively charged clay or charcoal and be washed away with water.

Why our masks are dry powders that you mix as you need them...
“I see so many masks for sale in the big box stores these days - most of them in plasti-foil type pouches that consumers cut the end off of to squeeze out the mask. While this is extremely mess-free and convenient, it really doesn’t offer you the best product. Clay and activated charcoal are inert - they do nothing - when they’re in dry powder form. Once they’re wet, they begin exchanging ions with whatever they’re in contact with - plasti-foil included. These masks have already done most, if not all, of what they were intended to do before you even purchase them.

Our masks are dry, so that you get maximum performance out of the clay and/or charcoal. You wet the powder when you need it, and the mask begins exchanging ions right away. This is why we recommend that you mix the masks in our ceramic mask dishes, or in the palm of your hand - never in plastic or metal.

Because you’re mixing them by hand, they don’t have quite the smoothness of consistency they would have if they were mixed by machine; but what they lack in smoothness of texture, they make up for in performance!”